V-guard 400VA Invertor 100AH Battery V



  • Providing power backup during outages at home.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted work in offices, small businesses, and critical facilities.
  • Supporting essential appliances such as refrigerators, fans, lighting, and more.

The V-Guard 400VA Inverter with 100Ah Battery is a practical and dependable solution for maintaining power during electrical interruptions. Its warranty coverage underscores its quality and reliability, making it a valuable choice for your power backup requirements.

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Product Description:

The V-Guard 400VA Inverter and 100Ah Battery combination is a dependable solution for providing continuous power during times of electricity failure. With a 2-year warranty for the inverter and an impressive 24+18 months warranty for the battery, this system offers peace of mind and extended coverage for your power backup needs.

Key Features:

  1. Inverter and Battery Combo: This package includes both a 400VA inverter and a 100Ah battery, ensuring that you have a complete and compatible power backup system.
  2. Reliable Power Supply: The 400VA inverter provides a reliable and stable source of power, suitable for a range of essential appliances and electronic devices.
  3. High Capacity Battery: The 100Ah battery has a substantial capacity to store and deliver power efficiently, ensuring that your devices stay operational during power interruptions.
  4. Warranty: The inverter comes with a 2-year warranty, offering coverage for your investment. The battery boasts an extended warranty of 24+18 months, indicating its durability and reliability.
  5. Power Backup for Home and Office: Whether you need backup power for your home or office, this system can meet your power needs, ensuring that your daily routines and work remain unaffected by power cuts.
  6. Safety Features: The inverter and battery are equipped with safety features to protect against overloads, short-circuits, and other electrical issues, ensuring a secure power supply.


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