Kent 7 litres UV+UF Water Purifier


The Kent 7 Litres UV+UF Water Purifier is your reliable partner in ensuring clean and safe drinking water for your family. This advanced water purification system combines UV and UF technology to effectively eliminate harmful impurities, bacteria, and viruses from your tap water. With a generous 7-liter capacity, it provides a steady supply of purified water for your household. The sleek and space-saving design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen or dining area. Invest in the Kent 7 Litres UV+UF Water Purifier and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your family’s health is safeguarded with every sip of water.



Key Features:

  1. Dual Purification Technology: The Kent 7 Litres UV+UF Water Purifier employs a combination of UV (Ultraviolet) and UF (Ultra Filtration) technologies to eliminate impurities, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from your water supply. It guarantees 100% purity and ensures that you drink only the finest quality water.
  2. Large 7-Litre Storage Tank: This water purifier features a spacious 7-litre storage tank, ensuring you always have an ample supply of clean water available. Say goodbye to constant refilling, and enjoy the convenience of a generous water reserve.
  3. High-Intensity UV Purification: The UV technology used in this purifier effectively inactivates harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, making your water safe to drink. It ensures your family’s health is never compromised.
  4. UF Filtration: The Ultra Filtration process removes even the smallest particles, including fine sediments, so your water tastes fresh and pure. No more worries about murky or unpleasant-tasting water.
  5. Elegant Design: The Kent Water Purifier’s sleek and modern design is a perfect fit for any kitchen or dining area. It not only enhances your water quality but also adds an aesthetic touch to your home.
  6. Smart Alerts: This purifier features intelligent filter change alerts, ensuring you always know when it’s time for a filter replacement. This way, you’ll never have to second-guess the quality of your water.
  7. Easy Installation: Kent provides a hassle-free installation process, ensuring you can start enjoying pure water right away.

Invest in your family’s health and well-being with the Kent 7 Litres UV+UF Water Purifier. Enjoy the convenience, purity, and peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is absolutely safe to drink. Say goodbye to impurities and savor the refreshing taste of pure water with every glass.


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